studio photo by Lucas Cichon
Robert Batterton is best known for figurative drawings and paintings that range from realistic representations to  expressionistic, dream-like imagery. Inspiration often comes from his family's vintage snapshots and the study of 
light/shadow effects on a figure or landscape. 
He reworks his cast of characters, sometimes with unexpected juxtapositions.  A series of pieces depicting winged figures, often with a dog companion, hint at a mysterious guide or guardian.
The use of chiaroscuro in his charcoal drawings make for an atmosphere of strong graphic design with psychological connotations.

Born in Texas, Batterton earned a MFA from Mason Gross School of Arts - Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, NJ; a BFA
from Univ. of Texas at Austin; and attended Yale Univ. Summer School of Music and Art at Norfolk, CT.

Among the galleries and museums that have shown his work are the Jung Center, Houston, TX; Klaudia Marr Gallery,
Santa Fe, NM; Kleinert/James Art Center, Woodstock, NY; Museum of the Southwest, Midland, TX; Berta Walker
Gallery, Provincetown, MA; Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY; and Stables Gallery, Taos, NM.

Public collections include Dallas Museum of Art, TX; Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock; Harwood Museum, Taos, NM;
and Howard Tullman collection, Chicago, IL.

Robert lives in Taos and Houston.